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  • Willow: Giving Back Campaign
    Willow Printing Group

    Canadian Charities: Apply for a $500 (minimum) donation of print and mail services

    We donate $500 (minimum) worth of print and mail services, to various charities throughout the year.

    You can apply on behalf of your non-profit employer or your favorite charity by filling out the form below.

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    Willow Printing Group
    providing the highest quality print to clients across North America
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    "Even though I have dealt with Willow printing for a short time-period, I find their service to be optimal, their turnaround time is very quick and the quality of their work is excellent. Overall the people working at Willow have excellent customer service skills and listen to customer needs. I look forward to growing our business relationship."

    Edi Nehani,
    Visual Education Centre

    Willow’s Giving Back Campaign for Registered Canadian Charities

    Apply for a $500 (minimum) donation of print and mail services for your charity’s project*

    In 2013, Willow Printing Group turned 60 and celebrated by Giving Back. We conducted a monthly draw from charities submitted to win $500 of free print/mailing services as part of our 60th Anniversary celebration. Please see the list of winners at the bottom of this page.

    Although our Giving Back contest has ended, Willow is continuing on with our donation program (minimum $500 donation of print and mail services, excluding postage) to registered Canadian charities that apply for a little help on specific print projects. Note: There is no minimum order size required to qualify for the donation; it can be $500 or even less.

    If you work for a registered Canadian charity or have a favourite charity you know could benefit from our Giving Back initiative, fill out the form to the right to apply for a $500 (minimum) donation of print and mail services for the charity’s project. Even if you are not part of a charitable organization, you can nominate one that needs a helping hand from Willow.

    It's simple. Here is how it works:

    • Fill out the form to submit your application or on behalf of a charity to apply for a $500 (minimum) donation of print and mail services*.
    • Describe the project you are seeking a donation for in the appropriate box to the best of your ability.
    • We will email the contact person named in the form if your organization is selected for a $500 (minimum) donation of print and mail services*.

    We’re sorry, but not all applications submitted will be awarded a $500 (minimum) donation. Good Luck!

    *Postage not included.


    Fill out the form below to apply for a $500 (minimum) donation for print and mail services for a specific project, whether it's for the charity you work for or on behalf of your favourite charity.

    Please include the details of the print/mail project for which you are applying to receive a donation of services.

    Organization URL
    Contact First
    Contact Last

    Quantity and Specifications

    Your Name (if different)
    Your Email (if different)
    You're in good company!

    Let's add your favourite charity to the list

    We look forward to adding your organization's name to this partial list of Willow's previous Giving Back beneficiaries:

    Cystic Fibrosis of Canada

    UJA Federation of Greater Toronto

    Science North


    Habitat for Humanity Toronto

    Epilepsy Ontario

    York Region Arts Council

    Clean Air Champions

    Hearing Foundation of Canada

    Canadian Federation of Humane Societies

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